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Distracted Driving Facts That Will Change the Way You Drive

by Staff Blogger | May 12th, 2014

While most Tennessee drivers understand the dangers of car accidents caused by distracted driving, the behavior is becoming more common than ever before. Studies show that as many as 80 percent of drivers admit to being aware of the risks of distracted driving. However, there’s been a steady yearly increase in the number of crashes associated with motorists not paying attention.

The Daily Helmsman reports that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention determined as many as nine people die each day as a result of distracted driving accidents. Cellphones aren’t the only distractions on the road though. Researchers have divided driver distractions into three distinct categories, including:

  • Visual- A distraction that takes a motorist’s eyes off the road.
  • Manual Anything that forces a driver’s hands off the wheel.
  • Cognitive- Something that takes a driver’s mind or focus off of driving.

So what’s being done to prevent distracted driving in Tennessee? Laws have been created that ban bus drivers and new or inexperienced motorists from using cellphones to text message while behind the wheel. Some cities have also adopted ordinances that can be used to punish suspected distracted drivers.

While laws provide a sense of accountability, most experts will agree that a major shift in attitudes amongst motorists regarding distracted driving is the only way to reduce the number of crashes associated with the behavior.

The Nashville personal injury lawyers with Ponce Law explain one of the best ways to change drivers’ attitudes is to make putting cellphones down while driving a habit. Citizens should also never hesitate to encourage others to put their phone down when behind the wheel.

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