How Can Dangerous Drugs Affect Patients?

Prescription and over-the-counter medications are supposed to make people feel better and help them recover from their injuries and illnesses. But as millions of Americans know, not all drugs are safe to use, and some can cause serious and even life-threatening injuries and complications.

People take medications assuming they’ll have a beneficial and positive effect on their lives and their health. However, some drugs aren’t fully tested by drug manufacturers, or their dangerous side effects are hidden from regulatory agencies like the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. That means innocent victims take drugs not knowing the potential risks they’re facing.

When people get hurt by drugs, they face many potential complications, including:

  • Organ damage—Several popular medications, including heartburn drugs, Type 2 diabetes drugs, and testosterone replacement therapies are linked to damage affecting the heart, pancreas, and cardiovascular system.
  • Birth defects—Nausea drugs and some antidepressant medications are linked to birth defects in the unborn children of pregnant women who take them.
  • Cancer—Type 2 diabetes drugs and erectile dysfunction drugs may be linked to pancreatic cancer and skin cancer.

The complications, illnesses, and injuries caused by some medications can be devastating. At Ponce Law, our Nashville drug injury lawyers believe that victims shouldn’t have to pay out of pocket for the health effects they suffered due to negligent drug manufacturers.

If you or someone you love were hurt by a medication, call us today for a free consultation to find out how we can help.


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