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What Does Maximum Compensation Mean?

by Staff Blogger | April 1st, 2016

At Ponce Law, we fight to get every client maximum compensation for their injuries, and we believe our track record for getting that done speaks for itself. But what does “maximum compensation” mean? Obviously, the dollar amount varies from case to case, but the idea behind it doesn’t.

To us, maximum compensation means our client can pay every medical bill they receive. It means all the days, weeks, and months of work they missed due to their injuries is reconciled in their settlement. It means they never have to worry about losing their home or filing bankruptcy due to financial strain. It means we can sit down with them and say, “This is the settlement offer that we’ve been fighting for.”

Our job as your attorney is to get you maximum compensation for your injuries, but that task is part of a larger responsibility: to help you put your life back together. This accident has taken so much from you, but you’re well on your way to getting it back. When you signed on as our client, we promised to do everything within our power to get you maximum compensation for your injuries, and we plan to keep that promise.

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