Nashville Bus Accident Lawyers

Many people rely on buses to get to school, work, or around town, and tens of millions of trips are taken on public transportation each year in Tennessee. When you take public transportation, you trust that the bus is well-maintained and that the driver makes it a priority to keep passengers safe. However – worn-out equipment, outdated safety features, and distracted drivers can sometimes lead to serious bus accidents.

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Bus Accident

In the state of Tennessee, bus drivers are held to a higher duty of care to their passengers than a regular driver. If you were injured in a bus accident, you may be eligible to receive compensation for your medical bills and lost wages. At Ponce Law, our Nashville bus accident lawyers know how to investigate the details of your claim and build a strong case. Let us help you get the money you need to recover—dial 615-244-4325 or fill out a free initial consultation form.

Types of Bus Accident Claims

We handle several types of bus accident claims, including:

  • School Bus Accidents
    Thousands of Tennessee children take buses to and from school every day. But the distractions drivers face on school buses can sometimes lead to serious accidents. If your child was injured in an accident that was the bus driver’s or the bus owner’s fault, we can hold the school district liable for your child’s medical expenses.
  • Public Transportation Accidents
    Many adults take buses to their jobs or to run errands. But like school buses, many of these public transportation vehicles often lack safety features—such as seat belts and airbags—and accidents can cause passengers to suffer major injuries. We can file a claim against the state government or municipality if you are injured on a city bus.
  • Charter Bus Accidents
    Church groups and travel companies often use charter buses to take large groups of people on trips. Charter buses often travel on interstates, and crashes may occur at high speeds. At Ponce Law, we can hold charter bus companies responsible for your accident-related expenses.

Causes of Bus Accidents

Bus accidents can be caused by several instigating factors, including:

  • The Bus Company’s Negligence
    This may include but is not limited to poor training of drivers, failing to maintain the buses in their fleet, and ignoring safety regulations.
  • The Bus Manufacturer’s Negligence
    If a faulty part or manufacturing defect caused the crash, the bus manufacturer may be liable.
  • The Bus Driver’s Negligence
    This may include but is not limited to driving while fatigued or under the influence, distracted driving such as driving while texting or eating, and reckless driving or speeding.
  • Another Driver’s Negligence
    When other drivers on the road behave negligently, other vehicles can cause a bus to crash.
  • Poor Road Conditions
    Poor road conditions, like inclement weather, can cause crashes, since buses’ large size makes them difficult to maneuver.

Why You Should Consider Hiring a Lawyer After a Bus Accident

Proving negligence and responsibility in bus accidents can be difficult because of the number of parties that may be involved. For example, in some situations, the crash may be caused by the driver of another vehicle on the road, and the injury victim can seek compensation from the at-fault driver’s insurance. But if the bus driver is at fault and the bus is owned by a state or local government entity like a public school or city, it gets much more complicated. The rules for suing a government entity are entirely different, with different requirements, statutes of limitations, and caps on damages.

An experienced bus accident lawyer can help you determine who is liable for your injuries after a bus accident and walk you through your options for seeking compensation.

Contact the Bus Accident Attorneys at Ponce Law Serving Nashville

Injuries from bus accidents can often be serious due to the weight of the vehicle, large number of passengers, and lack of seatbelts. When you have injuries that aren’t your fault, you deserve compensation to cover your medical bills, but insurance companies are often reluctant to pay settlements to the accident victims.

The bus accident lawyers at Ponce Law are skilled negotiators, and we’ll deal with the insurance company to get you the money you’re owed for your medical bills. Contact our firm today for a free case review.