Nashville Drug Injury Lawyer

Prescription drugs are designed to help cure or treat the symptoms of health conditions, and you expect your medication to make you feel better when taken as directed. Although anyone who has taken a prescription or seen one advertised knows that side effects are possible, they are supposed to be rare or mild in nature. You certainly don’t expect medicine to do more harm than good! But some defective drugs have the potential to cause serious and even life-threatening problems.

What is a Defective Drug?

A defective drug is one that was contaminated during the manufacturing process, or otherwise manufactured improperly–for example, packaged with the wrong dosage or with the wrong instructions. It can also be a drug that has the potential to cause serious harm even when manufactured correctly.

If you suffered health problems after taking a defective drug, you may be eligible for compensation for the harm done to you. Furthermore, if you suffered health problems because the drug manufacturer hid potential harmful side effects or failed to provide sufficient warnings to patients about the potential side effects, you may also be able to sue for damages relating to your drug injury.

How We Can Help

It can be difficult to take on a major corporation alone, even when they’ve done clear harm to your health through their negligence, or even to determine who can be held liable in a defective drug compensation claim.

Our Nashville drug injury lawyers have the knowledge and resources to handle a variety of claims, including:


    • HIV and STD Prevention Drugs
      PrEP drugs, including Truvada®, Atripla®, Viread®, Stribild®, and Complera®, help prevent HIV in patients at high risk of HIV and other STDs. However, people who take these medications may be at risk of serious and harmful side effects including kidney disease and bone density loss. When drug companies don’t warn users of the health risks their products can cause, they should be held responsible.




    • Low T Heart Attacks
      AndroGel® and other testosterone-boosting treatments have been shown to double the risk of cardiovascular injuries in male patients.


    • Onglyza®
      An FDA advisory committee concluded taking the prescription Type 2 diabetes drug Onglyza® (saxagliptin) can increase the risk of heart failure—a fatal condition.


    • Taxotere® Permanent Hair Loss
      Taxotere®, an injectable concentrate used during chemotherapy treatment for cancer, has been linked to permanent hair loss in female breast cancer survivors.


    • Viagra® Skin Cancer
      Research shows that the erectile dysfunction drug Viagra® may increase the risk of melanoma—an aggressive form of skin cancer—in male patients, regardless of their family histories of cancer, medical histories, and exposure to sunlight.


    • Xarelto®
      The anticoagulant drug Xarelto® has been linked to an increased risk of severe bleeding in certain types of patients.



    • Zofran® Birth Defects
      Approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to treat nausea caused by cancer treatments or surgery, Zofran® is also sometimes prescribed to pregnant women with severe morning sickness. However, data suggests the drug may cause birth defects in children born to women who take the drug.

Have you or a loved one suffered severe health problems after taking a prescription medication? Contact the drug attorneys at Ponce Law today to discuss your case for free. We may be able to help.