Elmiron® Vision Loss Lawsuits

Elmiron® is widely prescribed to treat bladder pain resulting from cystitis. There’s growing evidence that this medication is linked to maculopathy, an eye disorder that could lead to vision loss.

Lawsuits are now being filed against the maker of Elmiron, Janssen Pharmaceuticals. If you’ve taken Elmiron and are experiencing vision loss, now is a critical time to explore your legal options. Our team at Ponce Law is currently accepting inquiries about legal action against Janssen Pharmaceuticals and pursuing Elmiron® vision loss lawsuits.


The medical community continues to find troubling links between prolonged exposure to Elmiron and vision loss. These findings lead experts to believe that the drug is toxic to the retina, resulting in maculopathy and vision loss for users.

One review of people with significant exposure to Elmiron found that up to one-quarter of users experienced definite signs of eye damage. For years, people struggling with interstitial cystitis believed that there were few risks associated with Elmiron. Now, it’s clear that this medication does indeed come with risks.

Elmiron-related vision loss might lead to:

  • Difficulty reading
  • Difficulty seeing in low light
  • Trouble seeing objects close-up
  • Spotty vision
  • Blindness

These are just a few possible consequences of maculopathy stemming from prolonged exposure to Elmiron. If you notice any of these symptoms, see a doctor immediately. If you’re interested in exploring your legal options, we’re now offering free consultations to discuss eligibility for an Elmiron® vision loss lawsuit.


Drug manufacturers should be held responsible for harm that their products cause users, particularly if users weren’t made aware of potential health risks. When a product causes consumers harm, they have the legal right to take legal action seeking compensation for their damages.

Damages for someone experiencing Elmiron-related vision loss could include:

  • Loss in ability to perform routine tasks
  • Ongoing medical expenses for treatment and care
  • Loss of income due to vision loss
  • Diminished quality of life
  • Assisted-living services
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Feelings of isolation
  • Other forms of pain and suffering

These damages represent just some of the costs a person might demand in a claim against a drug manufacturer. When you meet with your attorney, you’ll work together to determine the extent of your suffering, so you can get a clearer picture of how much to demand in an Elmiron® vision loss lawsuit.


If you’re experiencing vision loss after taking Elmiron, contact our team to schedule a free consultation. We have years of experience helping injured people get the payment they deserve.

We want to hear the details of your case, so we can help you explore your legal options about a potential Elmiron® vision loss lawsuit. Our case evaluations are free, and you’re under no obligation to move forward with a claim if you don’t wish to do so. If you need legal help, our drug injury lawyers can help.

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