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Additional rules to the contest

By participating in the contest, all entrants agree to abide by these rules and decisions of the contest organizers, which are final and binding in all respects.


The contest is open to anyone who wishes to enter an Outstanding Teacher in the contest. Only one entry will be counted per email address. So one person can not enter the same person multiple times from the same email address. 


The top 5 teachers who receive the highest number of entries will each receive a check for $500. The 6th through 10th will each receive a check for $100. The Top 50 teachers with the most entries will receive a goody bag.

School Prize

The school with the most entries overall for teachers at their school will receive $1,000


All Teachers who receive an entry will receive an Outstanding Teacher Certificate.

Awards Ceremony

The top 10 teachers will be invited to a reception at Ponce Law to receive their checks after the contest ends. Ponce Law will arrange to send the check in person or by mail to the top school.

Delivery of Certificates and Goody Bags

Will be mailed or delivered to the principal of the school. So schools can take the opportunity to recognize their outstanding teachers.

Contest Duration

Outstanding Teacher entries will be accepted from April 1- April 26th at noon. This will allow for verification that those are actual teachers and are not principals, guidance counselors, teacher assistants, etc…

Take a snap!

When teachers receive their certificates, they are encouraged to get a picture with their certificate to share to kim@poncelaw.com.

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Celebrating Excellence: Ponce Law Firm's Outstanding Teacher Contest

Ponce Law is holding the Outstanding Teacher Contest for the 6th year. Starting April 1st, people can go to www.poncelaw.com to enter a current Tennessee Teacher in the contest. They must be a certified teacher teaching in grades K-12.

Kim Ponce, Community Outreach and Marketing Director has been running the contest. She announced, ”We have made some changes to make it easier. There is no longer a list of nominees to scroll through. Each person can only enter one teacher using their email address.” Each teacher entry will need the school name and address as well as the teacher name, teacher email address and the subject they teach. Each entry is considered a vote for that teacher. The contest only counts one vote per email address. The voting ends at noon on April 26th. Every teacher correctly entered will be sent an Outstanding Teacher Certificate. The top 50 with the most votes will receive a goodie bag from Ponce Law. The top 6th through 10th place teachers will receive $100 each and the top 5 teachers will receive $500 each. The school with the most votes for their teachers will receive $1,000. The top 10 winners and school will be announced on the Ponce Law Facebook page on National Teacher Day May 7.

Check out ponce law’s facebook page for the announcement on may 7th.
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