Vote for Your Favorite Teacher for a Chance to Win!

Giving Back to Tennessee Teachers

May is Teacher Appreciation Month, and in honor of all the influential teachers throughout Nashville and Middle Tennessee, we’re hosting an Outstanding Teacher Contest!

Has a teacher made a positive impact on your life? Now’s your chance to give back to them! Vote for your favorite teacher by clicking the “View Entry Details” button. Then, cast your vote for the teacher who means the most to you. There will be a first and second place prize for the two teachers with the most votes!

First Place:  $1000 plus $1,500 for their school/educational supplies.

Second Place: $500 plus $1,000 for their school/educational supplies.

Voting begins on Tuesday, April 16.

Don’t forget to share this page with your friends and family so they can vote, too!


Katelyn Allard
Angela Banks
Julie Barnard
Julie Bennett
Stacy Benton
Angela Bowles
Leslie Brumbach
Allison Bush
Matt Clemens
Columbus Cody
Emily Cornelius
Kory Craighead
Paige Crawford
Terri Curcio
Amanda Dalton
Darrell Duncan
Brian Evetts
Cindy Gentry
Frances Gillespie
Trishann Gunder
Lori Hamlett
Kimberly Hayes
Peggy Hayman
Carolyn (Amy) Howell
Gretchen Huff
Charlie Jackson
Kate Johnson
Melissa Jones
Nicole Klingmann
Nikki Marlow
Brandy McCarter
Allison McDuffee
Karen McGregor
TJ McLaughlin
Mitch Merryman
Allison Mills
Jamie Lynn Molter-Ricaud
Jennifer Moore
Andrea Morgan
Meghan Nicholson
Marcie Nitsch
Scott Padgett
Rebecca Parks
Sarah Peralta
Kasey Polatka
Jessica Pollard
Christian Powell
Hannah Reader
Savannah Redferrin
Alma Salazar
Judy Shepard
Valerie Shockley
Samantha Simms
Gina St. Charles
Christy Steagall
Lauren Street
Suzanne Sutton
Katelyn Thorne
Ashley Thurber
Amy Tompkins
Jennifer Walker
Zach (Zachary) Walker
Jennifer Walker
Douglas Watkins
Carmen Watts
Jamie Westberg
Tina Westbrook
Monica White
Amanda Williams
Leslie Willis
Alyssa Ziegler