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Determining Why Is Important

by Staff Blogger | April 12th, 2017

Looking at your phone. Eating takeout. Putting on makeup. There are a thousand ways to be distracted while driving. But it only takes one to change someone’s life forever. There are car wrecks in Nashville every single day. Not all involve injuries, but all are inconvenient. Fault for the accident is usually pretty clear from the accident report. For example, Driver A ran a red light and struck Driver B. But why didn’t Driver A notice the light was red?

That’s just one of the many questions an experienced car accident attorney will investigate on behalf of their client. In personal injury law, the reason why matters, especially if your case goes to trial. Which do you think a jury will have more sympathy for? The defendant was rushing to get to the hospital to see a loved one, or the defendant was texting her friend and ran right through the red light? Establishing why the at-fault driver was negligent is extremely important and is one of the advantages of having a personal injury lawyer on your side following an accident.

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