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Guardrails May Put Nashville Drivers at Risk of Serious Car Accident Injuries

by Staff Blogger | December 10th, 2014

Guardrails are designed to protect motorists in the event of a crash, but new research has shown that the design of guardrails used across the country—including here in Nashville—may put drivers at risk of car accident injuries or death.

Studies have shown the ET-Plus End Terminals designed by Texas-based company, Trinity Industries, are several inches shorter than the models submitted for approval. This difference in length prevents the guardrails from properly crumbling when struck by motor vehicles, which can cause them to penetrate vehicles and harm drivers and their passengers.

These failures have led to several wrongful death lawsuits against the company, including one stemming from a Tennessee car accident.

The guardrails in question are in use on roadways around Music City. An article from WSMV News says Metro officials have noted at least 20 of the faulty rails around the city.

As of now, nothing has been done about the problem. Four states have already banned the use of the faulty equipment, but Metro officials say they are waiting on the results of new crash testing before deciding whether or not to replace the guardrails.

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