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Why Do Insurance Companies Deny Some Auto Accident Claims?

by Staff Blogger | December 26th, 2018

You were just injured in an auto accident. Now you’re facing expensive medical bills and weeks or even months away from work. That means no paychecks and no way to pay for your accident-related expenses. When you contact the insurance company, you either get a lowball settlement offer or are denied the opportunity to get any compensation at all.

It seems unfair, but it happens to innocent victims all the time. Insurance companies are in business to make big profits, and paying fair settlements to everyone who needs them isn’t their biggest priority. In fact, insurance companies have teams of adjusters on staff who are tasked with finding ways to either disqualify victims from getting money or to give them the smallest settlements possible.

There are several reasons that insurance companies reduce or deny claims, including:

  • Lack of evidence—Whether it’s a lack of evidence that indicates the other driver was at fault, or lack of evidence connecting a victim’s injuries with the crash, insurance companies are quick to shut down claims that can’t be easily and definitively proven.
  • Using your statements against you—Adjusters are always on the lookout for incriminating statements that they can use against claimants, even if they have to use them out of context. That’s why you should never prematurely admit fault after a crash and avoid talking about your accident on social media.

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