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Don’t Forget About These Important Post-Auto Accident Steps

by Staff Blogger | December 19th, 2018

After an auto accident, there are three essential steps that everyone should take: calling 911, getting medical treatment, and contacting an experienced Nashville auto accident lawyer.

But those aren’t the only important steps that may help victims maximize their chances of receiving full compensation. Additional steps that are often overlooked but are extremely important include:

  • Reporting the accident to your own insurance company—Although most car crash victims get compensation from the insurance companies of the drivers who caused their accidents, it’s still mandatory to report your accident to your own insurer. In fact, this step must be completed within a short period of time—often a matter of just a day or two after the crash occurred. It’s especially vital to call your insurer if you have personal injury protection, as that policy may play into your recovery.
  • Writing down what happened—It’s easy to forget important details about the accident in the hours, days, or weeks after it happened. But those details are vital for your claim and for your lawyer to build your case. Write down as much information about the accident as you can remember as soon as you’re able to, including what lane you were in, how fast you were going, and everything leading up to the moment of impact.

At Ponce Law, it’s our goal to help victims like you get maximum compensation for their auto accidents. In addition to working for your financial recovery, we also strive to assist with your physical recovery by taking the burden of the accident off your shoulders. Relax and focus on getting better while we work on your behalf. Call today for a free consultation.

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