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How We Prove Fault in Auto Accident Claims

by Staff Blogger | April 24th, 2019

Auto accidents are often confusing. They can happen in the blink of an eye and can leave drivers and passengers in a state of shock and wondering what just happened. Because of their traumatic nature, it’s common for victims to be unsure of who was at fault or even what occurred in the moments leading up to impact.

However, proving fault for auto accidents is crucial when it comes to building compensation claims. That’s because insurance companies are often skeptical of victims by default, and they frequently assume that victims are responsible for their own crashes unless there’s overwhelming evidence to suggest otherwise.

At Ponce Law, our Nashville car accident lawyers build claims for victims like you by determining who caused the crashes and by collecting evidence to support our findings. We do that by:

  • Reviewing accident reports—Police create crash reports when they respond to accident scenes. Those reports often either outright indicate who was at fault or contain valuable clues to point us in the right direction.
  • Interviewing witnesses and victims—There are often multiple points of view of a single auto accident, including people inside affected vehicles, pedestrians, and other motorists. The more people we can talk to, the more complete of a picture we can build.
  • Reconstructing accident scenes—Sometimes determining who was at fault can be difficult with existing evidence. When that happens, we’ll utilize industry experts to rebuild accident scenes to get a clearer picture of what happened.

If you or someone you love was recently hurt in a crash, you deserve dedicated and experienced legal representation. We’re here for you—call us today for a free consultation.

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