Drunk driving accident

Nashville Car Accident Lawyers Look At Factors That Lead to Drunk Driving

by Staff Blogger | July 29th, 2015

Every year in Tennessee, thousands of motorists are convicted of driving under the influence (DUI) of drugs or alcohol. These statistics make many citizens wonder if there are any factors give drivers a predisposition to drink and drive. The Nashville car accident lawyers at Ponce Law say the answer is yes.
According to WBIR 10 News, men in Tennessee are charged with DUI offenses at a higher rate than women. The Governor’s Highway Safety Office examined data from 2010 to 2014 provided by the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security’s Department of Statistics. In total, 20,118 men were charged with DUI offenses compared to 6,709 women. That means males in Tennessee were arrested for drinking and driving three times more often as women.
Age is another factor that tends to correlate with an increase in DUI arrests. Data tends to show young and middle aged adults are most often charged with drunk driving offenses.

We can each do our part to prevent drunk driving. Do your part to prevent Tennessee drunk driving accidents by never getting behind the wheel of a vehicle after consuming alcohol. Instead, call a friend or loved one to pick you up and get you home safely.

State Issues Apology for Controversial Highway Safety Campaign

by Staff Blogger | July 20th, 2015

Look at the news any day of the week in Tennessee and you’ll likely find a story about drunk driving accidents. This serious public safety concern has prompted officials to create campaigns against drunk driving. However, the attorneys at Ponce Law explain that the most recent campaign is facing criticism.

An article from FOX News stated that last weekend; coasters and other media were handed out in bars and restaurants in Nashville as part of the “100 Days of Summer Heat Booze It and Lose It” campaign. Typically this sort of promotion would be applauded, but the slogans on these items were offensive to many.

One coaster discussed buying drinks for a “marginally good-looking girl” just to find out she is “chatty” and “clingy.” Still another carried the phrase, “After a few drinks the girls look hotter”

The campaign caused a major public backlash on social media, which prompted state officials to issue an apology for the campaign. The Governor’s Highway Safety Office released a statement saying it was never the organization’s intention to offend or insult women.

At Ponce Law, we believe public safety campaigns are beneficial when they send a positive message to everyone, and we hope more effective campaigns result from this incident. Our Nashville personal injury lawyers remind Tennesseans that driving under the influence is a deadly risk that can easily be avoided. Arrange for a safe ride home if you’ve been drinking.

3 Activities To Enjoy During The CMA Music Festival

by Staff Blogger | June 4th, 2014

This week, the CMA Music Festival descends upon our beloved city of Nashville, bringing with it the hordes of country music fans from around the nation. There will be plenty to do and see at the festival grounds downtown and Michael D. Ponce & Associates’ team of Nashville personal injury lawyers would like to tell you about a few things you won’t want to miss.

  • Autograph Sessions- Numerous performers will be on hand at the AT&T Uverse Fan Fair X to sign memorabilia. Just check out the time schedule to have an exclusive meet and greet with your favorite artist.
  • Music- Country music’s top stars will be playing on stages scattered around town throughout the week. Some of the most anticipated acts will include Alabama, Travis Tritt, Lady Antebellum, and Eric Church.
  • CMT Music Awards- If you are lucky enough to find your way in, the annual awards ceremony where the top acts of the year are honored is the highlight of the week.

While the festival can be an entertainment highlight of the year for many attendees, the alcohol served at events combined with increased motor vehicle and foot traffic around town can inflate the chances of being involved in a Nashville car accident—or worse—a drunk driving accident. That’s why our attorneys would like to remind drivers to not get behind the wheel of a car or truck after drinking alcohol. Also, buckle up, slow down, and keep an eye out for others on the road.