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Don’t Take Your Safety for Granted at Railroad Crossings!

by Staff Blogger | June 16th, 2020

Trains and train tracks helped build America, and they’re still used to deliver goods and people across the country. Middle Tennessee is home to many train tracks, some of which cross busy streets. For many drivers, railroad crossings are an afterthought or a minor inconvenience, especially when they get stuck waiting while a train passes through the area.

However, it’s important for people to remember the dangers that trains can pose. Train accidents are more common than you might think, including those involving vehicles and pedestrians. In fact, the U.S. Department of Transportation says that there are nearly 6,000 train accidents involving vehicles annually in the U.S., and most of those crashes occur at railroad crossings. The consequences of those crashes are 600 deaths and 2,300 injuries.

Because of the risks associated with trains and railroad crossings, drivers should always be cautious when approaching, waiting at, and driving over them. Never try to “beat” a train if you hear one coming in the distance or hear the crossing’s notification bells begin to sound. In addition, never be too quick to cross a railroad crossing after a train has passed through, as another train may be on its way.

If your vehicle ever becomes disabled on a railroad track, get out and move to a safe distance, then call for help. And finally, never walk on or near a railroad track. Not only does that put you at risk of being struck by a train, but you can also be injured by the train striking debris and sending it flying in your direction.

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Family Blames Tennessee Train Accident on Lack of Warnings at Crossing

by Staff Blogger | December 13th, 2013

December 13, 2013

Collisions are often reported between locomotives and motor vehicles at areas where train tracks cross highways and roads. The Nashville Train Accident Lawyers with Ponce Law explain one of the most common causes of these accidents in inadequate protective barriers and warnings at railroad crossings. The family of a 23-year-old man says this was the reason for the fatal collision with a train earlier this week.

According to an article from WMCTV 5 News, the incident occurred on Wednesday at the crossing located on Shaw Chapel Road in Brownsville, Tennessee. Reports indicate a man was driving his vehicle through the crossing when he failed to yield to an oncoming CSX freight train and was struck. The impact left the motorist with serious injuries that claimed his life a short time later.

Now, the family of the victim is saying that a lack of warnings at the crossing is to blame for their loss. There are two signs are present at the location, but no crossing arms, lights, or sirens that warn motorists of oncoming trains. CSX has denied responsibility for the accident, claiming the state is responsible for such equipment.

The team of Nashville Personal Injury Lawyers with Michael D. Ponce & Associates recognizes how difficult overcoming the loss of a loved one can be and send their deepest sympathies to the family of the man who was killed.