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Middle Tennessee Organization Needs Help Transitioning Refugee Children to Life in the U.S.

by Staff Blogger | April 16th, 2014

Imagine leaving behind your home, friends, and everything you know in order to seek a better life in another country. You understand little to none of the native language and culture that surrounds you, making adjusting to your new life extremely difficult.

The Nashville Immigration Lawyers with Ponce Law recognize these struggles. That is why the firm is so excited to see a Middle Tennessee organization working to relieve these stresses for many who are working to start a new life in the area.

WSMV 4 News reports that the Catholic Charities Refugee Youth Mentoring Program partners local volunteers with children and teens who are new to the United States and Nashville area. These individuals then help the children adjust to the sights, sounds, and experiences their new home has to offer.

One 14-year-old boy from Tanzania who participates in the program discussed how the program introduced him to Laundromats, and most recently, the history of Elvis Presley.

The organization is in need of more volunteers to assist in the program though and is calling for anyone who has several spare hours a week to reach out to help.

Michael D. Ponce & Associates and their team of Nashville Personal Injury Lawyers recognize encourage anyone with time available to help this great cause.

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