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Nashville Wrongful Death Attorney

by mdp | October 9th, 2010

ponce_dcFamilies of Tennessee Wrongful Death Victims Should Hire an Attorney Immediately:

When it comes to Tennessee personal injury law, situations that arise involve some form of loss by the person who has been injured. As anyone would agree, there is no greater form of loss than when someone is killed suddenly. In these situations those who suddenly find themselves grieving need to seek the immediate help of Nashville wrongful death lawyers as soon as possible for many different reasons that are discussed below.

Tennesee Wrongful Death Claims – Move Forward Immediately

There are many reasons as to why someone who finds themselves in this position needs to move forward with either negotiating a settlement or filing a Tennessee wrongful death lawsuit as soon as possible. One such reason is that the statute of limitations regarding these types of claims is only one year.

This means that the family members of the person who has been killed because of the negligence, recklessness or even the intentional conduct of another person must file an action within one year of the date that the wrongful death occurred. Failure to do so will mean that the case will be dismissed when it is filed, even if it’s obvious that those responsible for the death would be held liable.

Compensation and Damages Available in Tennessee Wrongful Death Claims

Another reason that claims should be filed as quickly as possible is that when someone is suddenly killed, those loved ones who are left behind often find themselves in a situation of financial peril. Not only must funeral, burial and medical expenses be paid, but the family also has suddenly lost the income that the person who was killed was generating.

Therefore, those who file these lawsuits and recover either a settlement or obtain a jury verdict could recover damages that compensate them for these costs that have been incurred, for the income that has been and will be lost in the future, for the pain and suffering endured by the person who was killed between the time the act was committed and the death took place and for loss of consortium, which can sometimes be referred to as a loss of companionship.

How Nashville Wrongful Death Lawyers Can Help

Ultimately, families who find themselves without one of their members not only face potential financial difficulties, but they are also generally reeling in response to the shocking and tragic news they have received. Therefore, those who have suffered a tragic loss such as this one need to seek the immediate help of Nashville wrongful death lawyers who have been successfully defending the rights of suffering families for many years. Contact Michael D. Ponce & Associates today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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