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Karen Sun East Magnet Middle School 5th Grade

East Magnet Middle School

Grade: 5th Grade

Ms. Sun is the most wonderful social studies teacher! During this intense time with COVID she has created such a safe environment in her virtual, and now her in person classes. I, as a parent, quietly attended some of her virtual classes with my daughter. She is warm, open, and so thoughtful. She connects the history to the kids lives in a ways that are engaging and meaningful. As significant current events have taken place Ms. Sun has made her classroom a place where the kids can process the import of these events and thei feelings about them. Ms. Sun is also available to the students and concerned about making sure they don't fall behind. We get a weekly note as parents with extra supports for our students learning. She heard us when we were trying to figure out how to navigate the difficult challenges of going to a brand new school while being virtual. One of my daughters favorite memories is meeting with Ms. Sun during her office hours. Ms Sun loves to bake bread to give away and does her baking on camera while they meet. Sometimes my daughter just wants to hang out with her during that time and just chat about anything and nothing. Ms. Sun's passion for teaching social studies is always present in her calm quiet care. We love Ms. Sun!

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