Let Us Handle Your Social Security Disability Claim

If you were recently injured or developed a serious illness that prevents you from working, getting approved for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits is extremely important for you and your family. Unfortunately, the process for getting them isn’t easy, nor is it guaranteed that your claim will be approved.

It’s extremely disheartening for disabled people to go through all of the Social Security Administration’s many hoops when filling out their applications, only to later find out they’re denied. Completing an SSD application can take its toll, especially on people who are already dealing with serious injuries and illnesses.

To make matters worse, many applications are rejected for minor errors, oversights, or omissions. These small mistakes mean that applicants are pushed to the back of the line, forcing them to wait many more months to get their appeals even reviewed, let alone approved. In the meantime, their bills are piling up, and they may have no way to pay them.

At Ponce Law, our experienced Nashville Social Security Disability lawyers work hard to ensure injured workers’ applications are approved the first time and quickly. When we handle our clients’ SSD applications, we do so with great care and attention to detail.

When combined with our extensive knowledge of the SSA’s processes, we can significantly increase our clients’ chances of approval while also shortening their wait time for benefits to start. Reach out to our experience legal team today for a free consultation. We have the knowledge and resources you need to fast track your SSD benefits.


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