Distracted Driving

Proposed Law Aimed to Reduce Tennessee Distracted Driving Accidents

by Staff Blogger | December 7th, 2015

Taking your eyes off of the road for a split second to see a text or make a call on your cellphone can leave you seriously injured in a crash. The Goodlettsville car accident attorneys at Ponce Law explain this situation plays out all too often here in Tennessee.

Data from a National Safety Council report ranks the Volunteer State as having the highest percentage of highway fatalities attributed to distractions caused by cellphones. The Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security says that there have been as many as 1,300 Tennessee distracted driving accidents so far this year.

There is hope to bringing an end to distracted driving in our state, though. State Rep. John Holsclaw is planning to introduce a bill that builds on the state’s current law that prohibits motorists from talking on a cellphone unless they are using a hands-free device.

According to The Tennessean, Holsclaw stated he is introducing the bill because the wording of the current regulations make it difficult for police and highway patrol officials to enforce the law. The bill’s first opportunity for consideration will come in January.

Stricter distracted driving laws could significantly improve safety on our highways, but it’s important to recognize that not all accidents can be prevented. That’s why the legal staff at Ponce Law believes it’s important to know what to do after the auto accident.

“Thumbs Down” Campaign Aims to Reduce Nashville Distracted Driving Accidents

by Staff Blogger | April 20th, 2015

Distracted driving was to blame for more than 21,000 motor vehicle crashes in Tennessee last year. Furthermore, there have been 10,000 car accidents involving a distracted driver in Davidson County since 2010.

To help combat distracted driving in our area, the Nashville car accident attorneys with Ponce Law point out that several educational campaigns are taking place to make motorists more aware of the risks. One of those programs is “Thumbs Down” to texting and driving.

The Governor’s Highway Safety Office is sponsoring the program. According to an article from WKRN 2 News, anyone who is interested in participating can go to the downtown Highway Safety Office to receive a free “Thumbs Down” to texting and driving sticker after signing a pledge promising not to drive while distracted.

The aim of the program is to get as many citizens as possible to stop texting and driving, which can help promote others to do the same while driving.

At Ponce Law, we’ve seen the devastating results that distracted driving can have on accident victims, and our Nashville personal injury lawyers are hopeful that this new campaign will be successful in keeping inattentive motorists off the road.

Young Drivers in Murfreesboro Learn Dangers of Distracted Driving

by Staff Blogger | March 27th, 2015

Distracted driving continues to be a problem among teenage motorists, and one new study from the AAA Foundation shows as many as 58 percent of crashes involving teen drivers are caused by failure to pay attention to the road.

The Nashville car accident lawyers with Ponce Law point out that one local high school is working to educate its students about the dangers of distracted driving with some creative techniques.

WSMV 4 News reports students at Riverdale High School in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, were able to see the devastating results of distracted driving firsthand in a safe and controlled environment. A mock crash scene was set up outside of the school on March 26. The scene depicted several students who were injured or killed in a collision caused by a motorist who wasn’t watching the road. A life flight helicopter landed and flew victims away as police and firefighters worked to investigate the scene. It was an emotional sight for many students; especially a 17-year-old girl unable to walk after being involved in a Tennessee distracted driving accident late last year.

The school is also working to make students aware of distracted driving by randomly checking to see if students who drive are using cellphones as they leave campus for the day.

At Ponce Law, we understand the hard work that goes into raising awareness about distracted driving, and our Nashville personal injury lawyers would like to recognize Riverdale High School for their efforts to battle this dangerous behavior among young drivers.

Smartphone App Aims to Reduce Distracted Driving Among Teens

by Staff Blogger | March 9th, 2015

Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of auto accidents in Middle Tennessee—especially amongst teenagers. In fact, 78 percent of young drivers admit to checking texts on a cellphone while behind the wheel of a vehicle, while 75 percent say they have sent texts while driving.

But advancements in technology are helping people combat this issue. The Nashville car accident attorneys at Ponce Law explain that applications for smartphones can be used to keep drivers from using their devices while vehicles are in motion.

An article from Action News 5 elaborates on how a smartphone app called Canary informs parents whenever a teen driver uses a cellphone while in a moving car. The app detects when the phone is unlocked or operated inside of a moving vehicle. When this occurs, it sends an alert to parents’ phones.

While technology may help reduce distracted driving accidents, awareness of the dangers is the best way to get drivers to put their phones down. That’s why the Nashville personal injury lawyers at Ponce Law would like to encourage parents to have a dialogue with their teen drivers about the risks of cell phone use behind the wheel.

Tennesseans Working To Reduce Auto Accidents Caused by Distracted Driving

by Staff Blogger | November 5th, 2014

Distracted driving poses a serious threat to anyone on the road, but  teen motorists are at the greatest risk of injury or death. Estimates from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show as many as 20 percent of teenage drivers admit to texting behind the wheel of a vehicle.

Teens in Tennessee are beginning to fight back against distracted driving though, with many joining or creating groups focused on raising awareness of the problem within their communities. One of those teens, a junior at Cookeville High School, explains the auto accident injuries her sister suffered at the hands of a distracted driver inspired her to join TEST Club.

The group was founded by the Cookeville Police Department and is now more than 500 members strong. Participants spread the word about the dangers of distracted driving through campaigns and the sharing of information at a grassroots level.

According to the Herald-Citizen, the TEST Club was recently awarded the Gold Safety Award from the Governor’s Highway Safety Office for their work with the “Reduce TN Crashes” program.

At Ponce Law, we recognize the need to educate the public about the dangers of distracted driving. That’s why our Nashville personal injury lawyers congratulate the TEST Club on their latest achievements. We would also encourage others who wish to fight against distracted driving to get involved with a group like the TEST Club.