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Nashville Dog Bite Lawyers Discuss the Dangers Posed by Canine Attacks

by Staff Blogger | April 13th, 2015

In 2007, a bill was passed into law in Tennessee that established strict liability for owners of canines that bite people. The Nashville dog bite lawyers with Ponce Law explain a dogs owner must have his or her animal under reasonable control at all times and ensure the dog is not running at large.

Unfortunately, many dog owners fail to abide by these rules. Take the case of a woman who was left seriously injured after an attack in South Nashville late last week.

According to WSMV 4 News, the incident occurred on April 11 along Lewis Street. The victim was walking outside when she was attacked by a pack of dogs. She was left in critical condition and continues to recover from her injuries.

The incident leaves many citizens with some pressing questions about common dog bite injuries and what steps dog bite victims should take after an attack.

At Ponce Law, we have experience helping dog bite victims, and some of the most common injuries we’ve seen include:

  • Lacerations– The teeth and claws of a canine can easily tear through flesh and muscle. These injuries can result in the need for corrective surgery and rehabilitation.
  • Post Traumatic Stress– Some of the most damaging injuries sustained in a dog attack can go unseen. The emotional damage that a dog bite can inflict can cause more harm than some physical injuries.
  • Infection– Dog bites are capable of transmitting numerous diseases and bacteria. Perhaps one of the most concerning infections one can receive is rabies.

If you were bitten by a dog, you may want to consider taking these steps. We hope this information helps to keep you and your loved ones safe around dogs.