Nashville workers’ comp lawyer

Don’t Let Your Workers’ Comp Claim Slip Through the Cracks

by Staff Blogger | August 3rd, 2020

If you were recently injured on the job and can’t perform your duties anymore, applying for workers’ compensation is one of the most important things you can do. The second most important thing you can do is to call a lawyer to help you with your claim.

By law, almost all businesses in Tennessee are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance for their employees, but just because that insurance is there doesn’t mean it’s readily or easily available to employees who need it. When you apply for benefits, you may face two major obstacles:

  • Your employer may not be cooperative—Workers’ compensation claims can cost employers money. The more claims that are filed by their employees, the more expensive their insurance costs are. That’s why many employers are reluctant to sign off on injuries or even admit they occurred.
  • The state may not take your claim seriously—Tennessee’s Bureau of Workers’ Compensation is tasked with approving claims. But there are thousands of claims every year, and the bureau has strict criteria for approval. That means that claims may be dismissed due to minor mistakes. By acting as gatekeepers, the bureau avoids people taking advantage of the system, but also causes valid claims to be denied.

Having an experienced Nashville workers’ compensation lawyer on your side is important. At Ponce Law, we’ll ensure that your claim won’t be denied based on small technicalities or oversights. We’ll also work hard to expedite the process, getting you your benefits sooner. Call us today for a free consultation and let us get to work for you.