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Goodlettsville Car Accident Lawyers Offer Safety Tips for Daylight Saving Time

by Staff Blogger | March 6th, 2015

Believe it or not, spring is just around the corner in Middle Tennessee, and that means it’s almost time for daylight saving time. But before you set your clock forward, the Goodlettsville car accident lawyers at Ponce Law point out that the time shift may put you at an increased risk of a motor vehicle crash.

A report from WKRN 2 News says that in the past, daylight saving time has been listed as a contributing factor in numerous auto collisions and workplace accidents. So, here are a few tips to help keep you safe when the time shifts at 2 a.m. on March 8:

  • Get Plenty of Rest– Daylight saving time means we will lose an hour of sleep on Sunday night. Drowsy driving is one of the leading causes of car accidents during this time of year, so be sure to go to bed extra early on Sunday to ensure you aren’t tired when driving on Monday.
  • Be Visible– Many people may be adjusting to new light and dark schedules. That’s why it’s crucial that you use the headlights on your vehicle between dawn and dusk, and also during conditions with low visibility.
  • Give Yourself Time To Adjust– Experts say your circadian rhythms may be off and it can take time to let your body acclimate to your new schedule. So, be sure you allow yourself some extra time to complete tasks on Monday.

The Goodlettsville personal injury lawyers at Ponce Law hope these tips help you have a safe and easy transition during daylight saving time!

TDOT Working to Prevent Tennessee Car Accidents This Winter

by Staff Blogger | December 6th, 2013

December 6, 2013

With a mix of winter weather expected in Nashville and the rest of Middle Tennessee this evening and throughout the weekend, many citizens are concerned about the dangers of motor vehicle collisions. The Nashville Car Accident Lawyers with Ponce Law explain the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) is working to address these risks by gathering the supplies it needs to keep roads safe.

According to a TDOT Press Release, salt supplies in all counties across the state have been replenished. The material is then combined with a brine mixture that is spread along highways in order to keep snow and ice from accumulating.

TDOT Officials added that they have more than 1,000 employees on-hand to maintain roads during winter weather.

While the stat is doing its part to keep motorists safe, the Nashville Personal Injury Lawyers with Michael D. Ponce & Associates state motorists can also do their part to prevent accidents. One of the best ways to achieve this goal is by being aware of road conditions before attempting to travel in foul weather. TDOT updates social media websites and its own mobile phone application with current road conditions throughout the year.

Other ways motorists can stay safe is by monitoring tread on tires to ensure proper grip on roads and avoiding braking when vehicles begin to slide. Instead, downshift into a lower gear and gently press the accelerator while turning into the spin.