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What Are the Requirements to Receive Veterans Disability Benefits?

by Staff Blogger | March 28th, 2018

It’s something no member of the United States Armed Forces wants to be concerned about, but service-related injuries may leave servicemen and women unable to work or continue fulfilling their duties.

Unfortunately, service-related disabilities are a reality for thousands of American military members every year. People who serve in all branches of the military are eligible to file claims for veterans disability benefits with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) if they meet certain important qualifications, including:

  • Service in the military on active duty – In addition to standard active duty service, this qualification is also met by people who were on active duty for training exercises and who were on inactive duty for training.
  • Discharge under other than dishonorable conditions – Per the VA’s website, applicants can’t be discharged dishonorably for any reason and remain eligible for veterans disability benefits.
  • Service-related disability and and rating of at least 10 percent – Medical evidence must be able to prove that mental or physical disabilities exist, that they’re linked to active duty service, and that they rate at least 10 percent on the VA’s veterans disability scale.

Even if you meet all of those requirements, there’s no guarantee you’ll get the benefits you deserve. The VA can take time to process claims, and many deserving applicants are denied. At Ponce Law, our Nashville veterans disability lawyers know how the process works, and it’s our goal to help you get the benefits you deserve.

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