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3 Safety Tips if You’re Stranded on the Roadside

by Staff Blogger | May 2nd, 2016

Whether you’re on I-40 at rush hour or on a back road in Smyrna, a broken-down car can leave you and your passengers in an extremely vulnerable position. Last year alone, Nashville experienced tragic incidents where stopped motorists were struck by passing cars. It can happen in a split second, changing the lives of the driver and the family of the victim forever.

Here are 3 important safety tips to remember if you ever find yourself stranded on the side of the road:

  1. Call for help—Changing a tire or attempting to fix a mechanical issue on a busy highway is not a good idea. Call for help. Depending on where you are, a tow truck can most likely be there in minutes and can tow you to a safe place to deal with the issue. Saving a few dollars and minutes isn’t worth risking your life.
  2. Get to safety—If you’re vehicle is stopped on the shoulder of the highway, and you feel safely out of the path of oncoming traffic, stay where you are. If you feel like you’re in a vulnerable position, exit the car on the side not facing traffic, and stand well clear of the highway while you wait for help.
  3. Stay alert—Even from a safe distance, there’s still a risk that your vehicle could be struck and the impact could reach where you’re standing. Stay alert as you wait for help. It could save your life.

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