Don’t Make These Drug Injury Mistakes

Getting a prescription for a new medication is a hopeful time for many people, as it represents an opportunity for them to take control of their health by treating their illnesses and managing their symptoms. Most patients trust that the medications they take are safe and effective, but not all prescription drugs are as safe and well-tolerated as their manufacturers want you to believe.

At Ponce Law, our Nashville drug injury lawyers know how effective certain medications can be for people suffering from injuries or health problems—but we also know that they’re capable of causing devastating health complications.

If you suspect you or someone you love is suffering from a drug injury, it’s important that you avoid making these two mistakes to protect your health and your rights to compensation:

  • Stopping the medication without speaking to your doctor – Many people search the internet for potential drug injury symptoms after taking medications, but the symptoms they’re experiencing aren’t always due to the drugs they were prescribed. Never stop taking a medication without consulting your doctor, as your health problems could be unrelated to your medication.
  • Waiting too long to get medical attention – While you should never stop taking a medication without supervision, you also shouldn’t wait too long to have your symptoms examined by a doctor. Drug injuries can quickly worsen, and if you wait too long to speak with your doctor about your concerns, your health may become seriously compromised.

After you’ve been treated and a healthcare provider has determined that you were harmed by a prescription drug, it’s time to get experienced legal advocacy on your side. Call us today for a free consultation—we’re here to help.


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