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5 Tips for Filing for SSD

by mdp | July 8th, 2011

Five Helpful Tips in Applying for Social Security Disability Benefits

If you are disabled and unable to work, pursuing a claim for Social Security disability (SSD) can be extremely beneficial. Unfortunately, filing a disability claim in Tennessee is a complicated process and can take a long period of time, which is why an SSD claim should be filed as soon as possible. Luckily, there are Nashville SSD attorneys available to help disabled individuals through the process of filing an SSD claim, in order to ensure it is done efficiently and correctly. According to U.S. estimates, 70-75% of initial Social Security disability claims are denied, which can be frustrating and devastating for the claimant. However, it is important to realize that 60-70% of these initially rejected claims are accepted after the denial is appealed. The following are steps that should be taken when applying for Social Security Disability benefits in order to increase your chances of success in Tennessee.

Helpful Steps to Follow When Filing an SSD Claim

Social Security disability laws were instituted as a measure to protect individuals who have become disabled and are unable to return to work. The SSD program under the Social Security Administration offers disabled individuals critical benefits and financial support when they are otherwise unable to gain a viable income because of their disability. Unfortunately, disabled individuals can only receive this crucial financial support if benefits are awarded. By following these five steps in applying for SSD benefits, disabled individuals can improve their chances of receiving assistance through an SSD claim.

  1. Speak with an SSD attorney
  2. Appeal the decision if denied
  3. Get ongoing medical evaluations (or supporting statements from a doctor)
  4. Keep records and copies of documents
  5. Hire a qualified SSD lawyer to ensure all necessary steps are thoroughly completed

A Social Security Disability Attorney Can Help

Social Security disability offers life-saving benefits for disabled individuals; unfortunately, not all SSD claims are immediately accepted. Because of this, it is important to remember these five tips in applying for SSD benefits under the Social Security Administration. With the help of an SSD attorney, individuals who are disabled and no longer able to work can receive the benefits they deserve in order to seek the medical care they require and lead a healthy life. The statistics concerning the high percentage of denied SSD claims is discouraging, but SSD lawyers are experienced in the process of appealing rejected SSD claims and can help you through the necessary route if need be. In the meantime, receiving ongoing medical evaluations and keeping copies of medical and insurance records can significantly improve the chances of your SSD claim being accepted. By following these five steps in filing an SSD benefits claim and seeking legal guidance from our Nashville SSD lawyers, disabled individuals can protect their rights and collect the financial assistance they deserve.

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