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How to Get Monthly Social Security Disability Benefits

by Staff Blogger | May 12th, 2017

Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits could be considered passive income, meaning it comes in with little to no effort on your part. After approved for benefits, you’ll begin receiving monthly checks from the government to help make ends meet. For most, that check is a game changer–the difference between scrapping by and a decent life. However, getting approved on your own can be extremely difficult, which is why so many disabled Nashvillians call Ponce Law for help.

More than two-thirds of all initial SSD applications are denied. That’s thousands of disabled folks every year who are left wondering how they’re going to make ends meet each month. Their disability makes it impossible to do any type of work, yet they can’t get the government assistance they need. Many times that denial is due to a failure to properly prove the severity of your disability on your application. An experienced SSD attorney can help you remedy that in your repeal, often leading to an approval.

If you’ve been denied Social Security Disability benefits, give us a call today for a free consultation. We’ll review your application for free, and if we believe we can help, we’ll start working on your appeal right away. Your SSD benefits are too important to you and your family to try and go it alone. Contact us today.

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