Lawnmower Safety Tips

4 Ways to Prevent Lawnmower Accidents and Injuries This Summer

by Staff Blogger | May 14th, 2014

Spring is quickly turning to summer in Middle Tennessee, and the grass is starting to grow. A mower can be crucial this time of year, but if you’re not careful, using one can lead to a serious personal injury, including severe lacerations and amputations.

Accidents involving lawnmowers are more common in Nashville than you might think. News Channel 5 states there were a total of six lawnmower-related accidents reported at the Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt last year. So far this year, there have been two patients admitted to the facility with injuries attributed to lawnmower accidents.

Doctors say some of the most common causes of these accidents are falling into the path of a mower, being struck by an object thrown from a mower, getting fingers or toes caught in a lawnmower, and rollover accidents.

These facts leave many citizens wondering what they can do to keep themselves and their families safe while mowing the grass. Our team of Nashville personal injury lawyers at Ponce Law would suggest taking the following 4 precautions when mowing:

  1. Keep children at least 50 feet away from any running lawn equipment.
  2. Always wear closed-toe shoes, goggles, and ear protection when mowing.
  3. Never allow children to ride as passengers on a lawnmower.
  4. Never allow a child under the age of 12 to operate a lawnmower. Children should be 16 years old before operating a riding mower.