Nursing Home Abuse

Common Types of Nursing Home Neglect: Medication Errors

by Staff Blogger | September 14th, 2015

There are many ways an elderly patient’s health and safety can be compromised by caregivers, but some of the most common mistakes are medication errors. The Nashville nursing home abuse lawyers at Ponce Law explain this can occur when a patient is given too much or too little of a drug, or when the wrong medication is administered.

Such negligence led to criminal charges against a Franklin County caregiver after she failed to administer a powerful narcotic painkiller to a patient. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation began looking into the incident on June 26 after receiving complaints of the mistake.

According to WKRN 2 News, the caregiver misplaced the patient’s prescription hydrocodone pills. In order to cover up the mistake, the caregiver then administered the patient another medication as a replacement.

The discovery of the mistake led to the caregiver being charged with neglect, felony delivery of a Schedule III narcotic, and casual exchange.

The incident highlights the importance of patients and their families knowing nursing home resident’s rights.

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Allegations of Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Arise at Donelson Facility

by Staff Blogger | June 12th, 2015

Tennessee law requires nursing homes and long-term care facilities to meet certain health and safety standards. The Nashville nursing home abuse lawyers at Ponce Law explain that, unfortunately, not all facilities meet these standards of care.

A nursing home just outside of Nashville is a prime example of a facility that failed to protect patients from harm. According to The Tennessean, the Donelson Place Care and Rehabilitation Center has been under scrutiny by officials since Dec. 2014, but official charges were levied against the facility in May 2015.

Investigators found that the facility repeatedly put patient safety at risk by failing to meet standards of administration, nursing care, social services, and resident right protection. In one case in particular, staff failed to follow doctor’s orders to provide a patient with a device that provided assistance breathing. As a result, the patient was hospitalized and required a tube to be placed in their trachea.

As a result of these findings, the nursing home is prohibited from admitting new residents and will be fined $3,000. Investigators will also monitor the facility for 20 hours per week.

The Nashville personal injury lawyers at Ponce Law believe in protecting the health, safety, and rights of nursing home patients. That’s why we applaud the state for holding long-term care facilities responsible for their negligence.

Nursing Home Abuse May Come at the Hands of Those You Least Expect

by Staff Blogger | April 17th, 2015

Nursing home abuse is a major concern for many Tennesseans with loved ones living in long-term care facilities. Some studies show as many as 33 percent of all individuals over age 65 will be the victims of abuse or neglect, and other reports state as few as one in 23 cases of nursing home abuse are reported.

One of the most disturbing statistics out there is that a majority of nursing home abuse cases involve a person who isn’t a caregiver. This means the person doing the harm is a family member, another resident, or an acquaintance.

WSMV 4 News recently reported on the case of an 82-year-old Korean War veteran who was seriously injured after being attacked by a roommate at a nursing home in Putnam County. A nurse at Signature Healthcare Nursing Home heard a commotion in the victim’s room and entered to find the victim’s roommate repeatedly hitting him in the face with a glass soda bottle. The victim suffered serious injuries, including a broken nose and cheekbone, as well as serious bruising.

The family of the victim says they were informed that the new roommate could have violent outbursts, but were assured their loved one would be safe from harm.

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Who Is Most at Risk of Nursing Home Abuse or Neglect?

by Staff Blogger | January 5th, 2015

As the American population continues to age, the rate of nursing home abuse and neglect is increasing. Estimates now show that one in every three elderly Americans will be the victim of abuse this year—but who is most at risk?

According to the National Center on Elder Abuse, those with disabilities tend to be at a greater risk of suffering harm in nursing homes or long-term care facilities. Women with disabilities are more likely to be harmed, with data showing a 33 percent higher prevalence of abuse and neglect among adult women with disabilities compared to those without.

Men with disabilities are also at an increased risk of harm. In a study of 342 men living in long-term care facilities, 55 percent stated they suffered abuse after becoming disabled. A total of 12 percent stated the abuse came at the hands of personal assistants.

So what should you do if you suspect your loved one is the victim of nursing home abuse or neglect? The first step is to report any wrongdoing. Tell those in charge of the facility about what you think is happening and present any evidence you may have. Speaking to an attorney can also help ensure you and your loved one’s rights legal rights stay protected.

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The Basics of Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

by Staff Blogger | October 24th, 2014

How Common Is Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect?

Nursing homes and long-term care facilities can provide the elderly and disabled with the constant care they need, but research indicates that abuse and neglect is rampant at these facilities. Reports from the National Center on Elder Abuse shows as many as one-third of all Americans over age 65 will become the victims of abuse or neglect at some point this year.

These numbers leave many citizens wondering what some of the most common types of nursing home abuse and neglect are, how they can recognize it, and what they can do to stop it.

Common Types of Nursing Home Abuse

Cases of abuse or neglect in a nursing home tend to fall into three categories:

  • Physical Abuse- This includes any sort of hitting, kicking, or punching of patients. Bruising, lacerations, and even changes in behavior can characterize physical abuse.
  • Mental Abuse- Yelling, threatening, and belittling are all forms of mental abuse. It can also be one of the most difficult types of abuse to identify, since changes in emotional state are likely the only signs it is occurring.
  • Sexual Abuse- Any sort of inappropriate sexual contact with patients can be considered sexual abuse. If such an incident is suspected, a medical professional should examine the patient.

How Can I Prevent Abuse and Neglect?

The best way to prevent nursing home abuse is to be involved in your loved one’s care. This means visiting regularly and asking caregivers plenty of questions about your loved one’s treatment and routine. If you suspect your loved one is being abused or neglected, report it immediately. A lawyer may also be able to help you in the process of seeking compensation for the harm that was done.

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