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Tennessee Political Parties Come Together in Support of Amendment 2

by Staff Blogger | April 30th, 2014

State judicial rulings have a direct effect on the outcome of many types of cases heard in Tennessee, which is why it is so important to have a strong process in place for selecting who will fill these roles at different levels of the judicial system.

Calls to update the State of Tennessee’s process for selecting judges have sparked a call to action by several of the state’s top legislators. An article from the Times-Free Press explains representatives from both the Democratic and Republican parties recently met in Nashville to support an amendment to the state’s constitution that would establish a new process for choosing  the state’s top judges.

Amendment 2 would grant the governor the power to nominate individuals for seats in the supreme court, court of  appeals, and the court of criminal appeals. State representatives would then have the power to veto any of the governor’s nominations they see unfit for the position. Then, every 8 years, voters will cast ballots to determine if a judge should remain on the bench or not.

The Nashville Personal Injury Attorneys with Ponce Law are excited to see how the campaign to amend the judicial selection process unfolds as the year progresses.