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Don’t Be a Win for the Insurance Company

by Staff Blogger | July 7th, 2017

Most folks who punch a clock in Nashville don’t know their rights as an injured worker or how workers’ compensation coverage works. That’s understandable. Unless you’ve been injured, there’s really no reason to worry about what you should and shouldn’t expect after a workplace injury. Unfortunately, this lack of knowledge can put you and your family at financial risk if you’re ever injured on the job.

Workers’ compensation insurance is required by law for most Tennessee employers. However, just because your company has workers’ compensation insurance doesn’t mean you’re going to get the compensation you deserve following your accident. The thing to understand is you’re dealing with an insurance company that wants to pay out as little as possible. After all, that’s how they make their money. If you’ll agree to settle for less than you might need for your recovery, that’s a win in the insurance company’s book. But how do you know how much is fair?

Call an attorney. At Ponce Law, our experienced Nashville workers’ compensation attorneys know your rights as an injured worker and will do everything within our power to protect them. You deserve to be fully compensated for what you’ve been through. That includes medical expenses, lost wages, and more. Don’t settle for less. Contact us today for your free, no obligation consultation.

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