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Breast Cancer Drug Linked to Permanent Hair Loss

by Staff Blogger | May 25th, 2016

Chances are you have someone in your life right now that has been impacted by cancer. Along with the increased diagnoses have come incredible medical advancements. Treatment plans now include a number of approaches, each giving the patient an increased chance of beating the disease.

However, every treatment plan comes with side effects, especially those involving chemotherapy. The patient has the right to know beforehand what these side effects are in order to make an informed decision on whether or not to pursue the treatment course. Unfortunately, many patients who were given the chemotherapy drug Taxotere weren’t told of a serious side effect that has now changed their lives forever.

Taxotere, a popular chemotherapy drug used to treat breast cancer, has been linked to an incurable form of alopecia, causing severe and permanent hair loss. These side effects were hidden from doctors and patients, denying patients the option of choosing another treatment option.

If you or someone you love suffered permanent hair loss after taking the breast cancer chemotherapy drug Taxotere, call our drug injury lawyers immediately. We’re currently taking cases against the manufacturer and will fight to get you maximum compensation for your condition. Don’t let the drug manufacturer continue to profit from your misfortune. Call us today.

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