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Understanding the Importance of Disability Benefits for Injured Workers in TN

by mdp | April 24th, 2013

Social Security Disability insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) are critical to the financial security of workers in Tennessee and throughout the United States. In fact, disability benefits replace up to 66% of a worker’s income if he or she becomes ill or injured and can no longer work and earn an income. Unfortunately, according to a new report by the Advisory Council on Employee Welfare and Pension Benefit Plans, too few employees in the U.S. are covered by this important benefit at work. If you have suffered a serious injury or illness that keeps you from returning to work in Tennessee, contact our reputable attorneys at Michael D. Ponce & Associates to discuss your possible SSI or SSDI compensation options. You may be entitled to disability benefits in Tennessee through the Social Security Administration’s SSDI or SSI program, which can provide critical financial assistance for disabled workers and their families.

Pursuing SSDI and SSI Benefits in Tennessee

Submitted to the Secretary of Labor, the report highlights the benefits of an educational campaign for employers and their workers, regarding the risks of becoming disabled from injury or illness, and the financial hardship a disability can inflict on a worker and his or her family. The report echoes recommendations from the President’s Advisory Council for Financial Capability (PACFC) report issued in March, which noted that the workplace is a critical resource in providing essential benefits and financial education that protects millions of working Americans. According to one national disability and financial protection company, “nearly 70% of workers today lack basic protection for their most valuable asset, their income. We hope the recommendations of the PACFC helps workers evaluate their financial situation and make choices that protect the resources they work so hard to earn.”

Contact Our SSDI Attorneys for Legal Help

According to the SSA, one in four of today’s 20-year-old workers in the United States will become disabled before reaching the age of 67, and, according to the Counsel of Disability Awareness, one in seven U.S. workers can expect to be disabled for five years or longer. Despite these risks, statistics show that only 31% of workers across the country are covered by long-term disability benefits at work, should they suffer an injury that results in temporary or permanent disability. If you are unable to work in Tennessee because of a mental or physical disability, consult our knowledgeable lawyers at Michael D. Ponce & Associates to discuss your eligibility for SSDI or SSI disability benefits. Our law firm has years of experience helping disabled workers pursue the compensation they deserve, and can help you apply for disability benefits, or appeal a rejected disability application.


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