Nashville Pedestrian Accident

Car Accident Leaves Nashville Pedestrian Seriously Injured

by Staff Blogger | November 30th, 2015

Collisions between motor vehicles and people are all too common in Middle Tennessee. Davidson County ranked second in the state for the number of pedestrian accidents in 2012, which accounted for 272 injuries and 17 fatalities.

A Nashville pedestrian accident earlier this week brings into perspective just how common these crashes are. The collision took place on Sunday at approximately 6 p.m. near the intersection of Gallatin Pike and Eastland Avenue in East Nashville.

According to reports from WKRN 2 News, a vehicle struck the victim as he was walking in the road. The victim was left with injuries that required first responders to transport him to a local hospital for further treatment. The driver involved was uninjured.

At Ponce Law, we’ve seen the devastating results a pedestrian accident can have. That’s why our team of Nashville personal injury lawyers suggests motorists and pedestrians keep these safety tips in mind while traveling:

  • Be visible– Make efforts to be seen after dusk and before dawn by using lights. Vehicle headlights should be turned on in low light conditions, and pedestrians should carry a flashlight during dark hours.
  • Look both ways– Not paying close enough attention to traffic is a leading cause of pedestrian accidents. Motorists and pedestrians should look twice in all directions before entering traffic.
  • Obey The Law– All traffic signals and signs should be followed at all times. Pedestrians should also remember to always use a crosswalk when crossing the street.

We hope these tips help you travel safe!

Bridge Project May Help Reduce Nashville Pedestrian Accidents

by Staff Blogger | October 8th, 2014

Pedestrian and bicycle safety is a very serious problem in Nashville. Statistics from the Nashville Metro Police Department show a Nashville pedestrian accident occurs twice a month on average in the downtown area. Even more are recorded when you add the number of cyclists struck by cars.

Luckily, one of the major projects being considered to improve pedestrian safety in Nashville was recently approved.

An article from The Tennessean explains the city council recently took one step closer to approving Mayor Karl Dean’s project to build a pedestrian bridge between The Gulch and South Broadway. The council voted 30-2 in favor of a $1 million price tag on land acquisition and property interest so the project can break ground. A majority of the project will be funded through taxation of the businesses that will most benefit from the foot traffic the bridge will supply.

The new bridge isn’t the only way the city is looking to make improvements to pedestrian safety. Mayor Dean also pledged $17 million to sidewalk projects across Davidson County and more funding for similar projects the following year.

At Ponce Law, we recognize the importance of pedestrian safety in a town where many choose to walk. That’s why our Nashville personal injury lawyers would like to applaud the city for implementing these projects.

Nashville Pedestrian Accident Results in New Crosswalk

by Staff Blogger | August 20th, 2014

Pedestrian accidents are a serious problem in Tennessee, especially in more populated areas like Davidson County. Data from the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security shows that Davidson County has the second highest pedestrian fatality count in the state, accounting for 55 deaths from 2004 to present.

One Nashville pedestrian accident has prompted officials in the region to prevent similar incidents. One of the actions taken was the installation of a new crosswalk and signage at the location where a 9-year-old girl was struck and seriously injured by a motor vehicle last year.

The incident occurred at the intersection of Old Hickory Boulevard and Sonya Drive in Bellevue. A vehicle failed to recognize the girl as she attempted to cross and she was struck. WSMV 4 News says that now, the crossing features a painted walkway as well as lighted directional signs for pedestrians.

The Nashville personal injury lawyers with Ponce law applaud the efforts being made to better protect pedestrians in Middle Tennessee. We also suggest following these safety tips when walking:

  • Obey all traffic signals.
  • Carry a light when walking before dawn or after dusk.
  • Wear light-colored or reflective clothing.
  • Look twice in all directions when crossing the street.
  • Assume drivers do not see you when walking.

4 Ways To Prevent A Nashville Pedestrian Accident This 4th of July

by Staff Blogger | July 2nd, 2014

With Nashville being one of the most populated metropolitan areas in the state of Tennessee, it comes as no surprise that many citizens choose to travel by foot. While this can be a healthy and economical choice, it can also put pedestrians at a serious risk of involvement in a collision with a motor vehicle. In fact, records show there are dozens injured as the result of a Nashville pedestrian accident each month.

Most recently, a person was hurt while crossing the street at the intersection of Nolensville Pike and Timmons Street at approximately 9:30 p.m. yesterday evening. According to an article from New Channel 5, the accident was the result of a motorist failing to recognize the pedestrian in the street.

As many are preparing to celebrate the 4th of July holiday downtown this coming weekend, the Nashville personal injury lawyers with Ponce Law would like to remind motorists and pedestrians alike of the importance of awareness when traveling and are offering these tips to help keep everyone safe:

  • Look Twice– At roadway intersections, both motorists and pedestrians should remember to look in all directions multiple times before attempting to cross in order to ensure no one else is coming.
  • Obey Traffic Signals– Both cars and pedestrians should be reminded to follow the directions of signage and lights.
  • Eliminate Distractions– Both drivers and those who are walking should put their phones away to avoid accidents caused by simple distractions.
  • Limit Alcohol Consumption- While those who are driving should refrain from drinking at all due to safety concerns and laws prohibiting drinking and driving, pedestrians are put at a greater risk of accidental injury when alcohol is involved. So, please, drink responsibly.

Nashville Pedestrian Accident Raises Concerns About Liability Following A Crash

by Staff Blogger | June 18th, 2014

The dangers presented by motorists on the road to pedestrians are present not only when walkers are crossing the street, but anytime they are in the vicinity of a moving vehicle. This was made abundantly clear by a Nashville pedestrian accident that claimed one man’s life and left a motorist facing criminal charges.

WSMV 4 News reports that on February 27th, the 23-year-old driver of a 2000 Toyota Camry was driving west along Church Street when he ran a red light. This led to the vehicle striking another car, which forced the Camry off the road. It then struck a 56-year-old man who was sitting on a sidewalk bench near the intersection.

The victim later died, which has led to the responsible driver being charged with vehicular homicide, reckless endangerment, and driving without proof of insurance.

The latter charge presents a significant threat to the family of the victim. If the driver was uninsured at the time of the crash, the family may have no means to collect compensation for their loss without filing civil litigation against the driver who caused the fatal crash.

At Ponce Law, our team of Nashville personal injury lawyers recognizes the struggles the families of accident victims may be facing. That’s why we are hopeful a decision in the case brought against the responsible driver for this crash brings a sense of closure to the victim’s family.

Plea Agreement Reached in Fatal Nashville Pedestrian Accident

by Staff Blogger | June 16th, 2014

The sizes of tractor-trailers can often make it difficult for drivers to see the spaces around their vehicle when traveling or turning. Unfortunately, this too often can lead to accidents occurring.

Such a mistake was a contributing factor to a Nashville pedestrian accident that claimed the life of a 17-year-old high school student. The incident occurred on Dec. 19, 2013 as the Hume-Fogg student was crossing Rosa L. Parks Boulevard near the school.

Reports from The Tennessean explain the 46-year-old truck driver was making a right turn at the intersection of Rosa Parks and Church Street when he failed to see the young girl as she was crossing the road.

An investigation determined the driver was not acting in a reckless manner prior to the collision, which resulted in a plea deal being reached with prosecution. The driver agreed to plea guilty to a charge of failing to yield the right-of-way rather than face a more serious misdemeanor charge of vehicular homicide. He will pay a $500 fine as part of the agreement approved by the family of the victim. The driver will also keep his license as part of the deal.

At Michael D. Ponce & Associates, our Nashville personal injury lawyers know how devastating it can be to lose a loved one to an accident. That’s why we are hopeful the decision in this case helps bring a sense of closure to the family of the victim.