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Celebrate a Teacher With Your Vote

& they could win $500!

If the last year has taught us anything, it’s that teachers deserve so much more credit than they’re given. The pandemic has forced Tennessee’s teachers to do their jobs under extraordinary conditions. And as many of us have learned firsthand, it’s not an easy job! 

May is National Teacher Appreciation Month, so we want to make it a memorable one!

In the weeks leading up to Teacher Appreciation Month 2021, we’ll be showing our appreciation for all the teachers who make a difference in the lives of students across Middle Tennessee—and we need your help.

Do you know a K-12 teacher (including homeschool teachers) who has made a positive impact on your life, the life of your child, or the students in your community? Show them you care by nominating them for our 2021 Ponce Law Outstanding Teacher Contest!

How to Participate

Between April 1 and April 25, anyone can nominate a deserving K-12 teacher, including homeschool teachers, in Middle Tennessee by clicking the button below to complete the form.

Submit your favorite teacher as a nominee, and then cast your vote for any of the nominees listed on our website. Voting ends on April 30. When we tally up the votes, the 10 teachers who received the most votes will receive a prize to honor all the hard work they’ve done and lives they’ve touched.

Please note that it will take up to 24 hours after their nominations are received before nominees are displayed on this page.

1st-5th Place Receive:  

6th-10th Place Receive:

We’ll announce the recipients on Facebook on May 4, so don’t forget to stay tuned!

There are so many Middle Tennessee teachers who deserve appreciation. Let your friends and family know about our contest so they can give a shout-out to an outstanding teacher in their lives! 


To cast a vote, click “view entry details” under the teacher you’d like to vote for, scroll down, fill out the ballot at the bottom of the page, and hit submit.

Carol Matherly
Westmoreland High SchoolNinth Grade
Nicole Klingman
Ashland City ElementaryKindergarten
Jennifer Gillespie
Tulip Grove ElementaryKindergarten
David Shepard
Davidson co. Juvenile detention center12 Grade
Lisa Hayes
Belleville East High School10th Grade
Janine New
Seneca East High School11th Grade
Cassie Hale
East Hickman Intermediate School5th Grade
Cassie Barber
East Hickman Intermediate School5th Grade
Lori Spietch
East Cheatham Elementary2nd Grade
Derri Dalton
Stanford Montessori Elementary School1st Grade
Sydney Britt
McMurray Middle School5th Grade
Lisa Shaffer
Meigs6th Grade
Tamara Hobbs
Rock Creek Elementary School5th Grade
Marilynn Newman
Shelbyville Central High SchoolOther
Raven Brayman
Vena Stuart Elementary1st Grade
Aniya Bryant
Intrepid College Prep10th Grade
Tiffany Zellner
Cookeville High School 11th Grade
Alyssa Gauthier
Clarksville Christian School Kindergarten
Candace Asher
Park View Elementary1st Grade
Amanda Zimmerman
Cumberland HeightsElementary Kindergarten
Dr Melanie Banks
East Coffee Elementary Other
Christian Powell
Gallatin High School 9th Grade
Loralyn Meadows
Stewarts Creek High School 12 Grade
Trisha LaLumondier
Beech High School12 Grade
Amber Williams
HG Hill Middle6th Grade
Megan Neal
Jack Anderson Elementary 5th Grade
Melissa Barr Ashland City Elementary 1st Grade
Ashland City Elementary1st Grade
Maggie Combs East cheatham elementary school Kindergarten
East cheatham elementary schoolKindergarten
Jennifer Ledbetter A.H.Roberts Kindergarten
Laura Pratt AH Roberts Other
AH RobertsOther
Melody Sadler AH Roberts 1st Grade
AH Roberts1st Grade
Cassie Venable Whitten Elem Kindergarten
Whitten ElemKindergarten
Erin Purdy North East 10th Grade
North East10th Grade
Christina Barnett Liberty Elementary School 3rd Grade
Liberty Elementary School3rd Grade
Jane Rezos Gallatin High School 11th Grade
Gallatin High School11th Grade
Kerri Clark Rockvale elementary 4th Grade
Rockvale elementary4th Grade
Jessica Trice Rocky Fork Elementary 2nd Grade
Rocky Fork Elementary2nd Grade
Christian Powell Gallatin High School 9th Grade
Gallatin High School9th Grade
Jessica Crafton White House Heritage High School 10th Grade
White House Heritage High School10th Grade
Christian Powell Gallatin high school 9th Grade
Gallatin high school9th Grade
Andrea Meyers Benton Hall Academy Other
Benton Hall AcademyOther
Glenn Ross McEwen High School 9th Grade
McEwen High School9th Grade
Ginny Cox Rosebank Elementary 1st Grade
Rosebank Elementary1st Grade
Cynthia Vondohlen East Cheatham Elementary 3rd Grade
East Cheatham Elementary3rd Grade
Brandy Putman Purpose Prep 1st Grade
Purpose Prep1st Grade
Patsy Dishman Patsy Ann’s Child Care Kindergarten
Patsy Ann's Child CareKindergarten
Darcy Richards Lighthouse School 2nd Grade
Lighthouse School2nd Grade
Hannah Tapp Two Rivers Middle 8th Grade
Two Rivers Middle8th Grade
Margaret Thompson Montgomery Central Middle School 7th Grade
Montgomery Central Middle School7th Grade
Vicki Swinger Ellis Middle School 7th Grade
Ellis Middle School7th Grade
Christina Barnett Liberty Elementary 3rd Grade
Liberty Elementary3rd Grade
Caleb Reed Oakland Middle School 8th Grade
Oakland Middle School8th Grade
Darby Lopes Station Camp High School 9th Grade
Station Camp High School9th Grade
Katelyn Florio Walton ferry elementary 5th Grade
Walton ferry elementary5th Grade
Beverly Hall Jere Whitson Elementary 2nd Grade
Jere Whitson Elementary2nd Grade
Katrina O’Brien Lakeview Elementary Other
Lakeview ElementaryOther
Shelley Patterson EO Coffman 7th Grade
EO Coffman7th Grade
Tammy Lamberth North Sumner Elementary Other
North Sumner ElementaryOther
Nicole Stegner Thurman Francis Arts Academy 7th Grade
Thurman Francis Arts Academy7th Grade
Courtnie Daniel Perry county highschool 11th Grade
Perry county highschool11th Grade
Alison Trull Perry County High School 9th Grade
Perry County High School9th Grade
Kelly Camp Sewanee Elementary Kindergarten
Sewanee elementaryKindergarten
Lauren Godfrey Sewanee Elementary 2nd Grade
Sewanee Elementary2nd Grade
Amanda McBride BCLA 7th Grade
BCLA7th Grade
Andrew Gannon Rocky fork middle 6th Grade
Rocky fork middle6th Grade
Ginny Cox Rosebank Steam Magnet Elementary School 1st Grade
Rosebank Steam Magnet Elementary School1st Grade
Mary Elizabeth Gillespie McFadden School of Excellence 1st Grade
McFadden School of Excellence1st Grade
Jeannie Ayers Poplar Grove Middle 7th Grade
Poplar Grove Middle7th Grade
mary Eller rockey fork 6th Grade
rockey fork6th Grade
Karen Sun East Magnet Middle School 5th Grade
East Magnet Middle School5th Grade
Laura Beth Merrell Sewanee Elementary School 5th Grade
Sewanee Elementary School5th Grade
Michelle Whaley Sewanee Elementary School Kindergarten
Sewanee Elementary SchoolKindergarten
Daniel Johnson Ellis and Knox Doss Middle schools 6th Grade
Ellis and Knox Doss Middle schools6th Grade
Shelby Kirton New providence middle school Other
New providence middle schoolOther
Tricia Thweatt Howard Elementary Kindergarten
Howard ElementaryKindergarten
Jennifer Wilson rocky fork middle school 6th Grade
rocky fork middle school6th Grade
Tiffany Martin Pulaski Elementary school 2nd Grade
Pulaski Elementary school2nd Grade
Chelsea Thompson White House heritage middle school 7th Grade
White House heritage middle school7th Grade
Andrew Raney Riverdale High School 10th Grade
Riverdale High School10th Grade
Kavon Seay Warner Elementary Stem Magnet 1st Grade
Warner Elementary Stem Magnet1st Grade
Matthew Turner Warren County High School 12 Grade
Warren County High School12 Grade
Kavon Seay Warner Arts Magnet Elementary 1st Grade
Warner Arts Magnet Elementary1st Grade
Deunte Champion KIPP Antioch College Prep Elementary 2nd Grade
KIPP Antioch College Prep Elementary2nd Grade
Matt Turner Warren County High School Other
Warren County High SchoolOther
Kayla Flemmings Pisgah Elementary 2nd Grade
Pisgah Elementary2nd Grade
Kayla Flemmings Pisgah Elementary 2nd Grade
Pisgah Elementary2nd Grade
Kayla Flemings Pisgah Elementary School Kindergarten
Pisgah Elementary SchoolKindergarten
kayla flemmings pisgah elementary 2nd Grade
pisgah elementary2nd Grade
Cherry Angelilli Houston county high school 9th Grade
Houston county high school9th Grade
Kayla Flemmings Pisgah 2nd Grade
Pisgah2nd Grade
Janet Coke Croft Middle Design Center 5th Grade
Croft Middle Design Center5th Grade
Jim Chapman Brentwood Academy 10th Grade
Brentwood Academy10th Grade
Amanda Maffett Wolfteever elementary school Other
Wolfteever elementary schoolOther
Amanda McBridr Bedford County Learning Academy 8th Grade
Bedford County Learning Academy8th Grade
Jamie Watson Portland Gateview Elementary 4th Grade
Portland Gateview Elementary4th Grade
Ms. Bradley Dotson Rosebank elementary Kindergarten
Rosebank elementaryKindergarten
Kyle Epley South Haven Christian School 7th Grade
South Haven Christian School7th Grade
Patrick Miller Northeast Middle 7th Grade
Northeast Middle7th Grade
Stacy DeWees Westmoreland Elementary School 1st Grade
Westmoreland Elementary School1st Grade
Sarah Wilmore Cora Howe Other
Cora HoweOther
Lauren Boswell Explore Community School 4th Grade
Explore Community School4th Grade
Jamie Watson Portland Gateview Elementary 4th Grade
Portland Gateview Elementary4th Grade
Stephanie Johnson Thorsby high school Kindergarten
Thorsby high schoolKindergarten
Kimberly Brochocki Smyrna primary school 3rd Grade
Smyrna primary school3rd Grade
Felicia Reed-Kidd Haynes Middle 6th Grade
Haynes Middle6th Grade
James Gann Jr. Townsend and Eagleton Elementary Other
Townsend and Eagleton ElementaryOther
Sara Gravelle Rucker-Stewart Middle School 8th Grade
Rucker-Stewart Middle School8th Grade
Brittany Singleton Vena Stuart Elementary School 1st Grade
Vena Stuart Elementary School1st Grade
Jhaniece Hambrick Wright Alex Green Elementary 3rd Grade
Alex Green Elementary3rd Grade
Randi Johnson Rock Creek Elementary Kindergarten
Rock Creek ElementaryKindergarten
Taylor Hill Franklin County High School Kindergarten
Franklin County High SchoolKindergarten
Melisha Simmons Eastside Elementary 1st Grade
Eastside Elementary1st Grade
Jhaneice Wright Alex Green 3rd Grade
Alex Green3rd Grade
Kayla Flemmings Pisgah 2nd Grade
Pisgah2nd Grade
Jennifer Walker Brown’s Chapel Elementary Kindergarten
Brown's Chapel ElementaryKindergarten
Felicia Kidd Haynes Middle School 5th Grade
Haynes Middle School5th Grade
Courtney Brooks Purpose Preparatory Academy Charter School Kindergarten
Purpose Preparatory Academy Charter SchoolKindergarten
Amanda Wallis Eakin Elementary 5th Grade
Eakin Elementary5th Grade
Lauran Godfrey Sewanee Elementary 2nd Grade
Sewanee Elementary2nd Grade
Gina Stewart Stewart’s Creek High School 9th Grade
Stewart’s Creek High School9th Grade
McKenzie McDaniel Cason Lane Academy 3rd Grade
Cason Lane Academy3rd Grade
Laura Stowers Clarkrange High School Other
Clarkrange High SchoolOther
MaryAngelica Cabler Beech Elementary 5th Grade
Beech Elementary5th Grade
Lance Neal Poplar Grove Elementary Other
Poplar Grove ElementaryOther